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LEF New England launched the Moving Image Fund (MIF) in 2002 to support independent film and video artists creating new work.Through MIF, LEF provides funding across all phases of production, supporting films from the early risk-taking stage, through a film's completion.

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Sons and Daughters of the Incarcerated

In Production
Denali Tiller
Denali Tiller, Rebecca Stern, Andrew Freiband
Grant Awarded
$15,000 - 2016
$25,000 - 2017
Type of Film
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Film Synopsis

SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE INCARCERATED is a feature documentary that explores parental incarceration through the eyes of three boys - Tre, Maison and Dasan. Following their interweaving trajectories through boyhood marked by the criminal justice system, and told directly through the child’s perspective, the film unveils the challenges of growing up and what it means to become a man in America.

About the Director(s)

Denali Tiller was named one out of 110 “filmmakers to watch” by Variety Magazine in 2015. She has worked on both documentaries and on narrative projects. Most recently she has been working with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) as a Visual Communications Trainer. In January 2015, Picture Motion selected the project as the “Filmanthropy Film of the Month” and in the fall, she and the film were selected for the Inaugural Chicken and Egg Accelerator Lab, a competitive program supporting first and second time female film directors. “Sons and Daughters of the Incarcerated” will be Ms. Tiller’s feature film-making debut. She currently lives and works in Providence, RI.

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