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LEF New England launched the Moving Image Fund (MIF) in 2002 to support independent film and video artists creating new work.Through MIF, LEF provides funding across all phases of production, supporting films from the early risk-taking stage, through a film's completion.

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If She Leaves

In Production
Sally Wu
Sally Wu, S. Leo Chiang
Grant Awarded
$25,000 - 2017
$15,000 - 2015
Type of Film
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Film Synopsis

Why are tens of thousands of young women sent away from home to marry foreigners they barely know? Why are mothers across Asia abandoning their children in the middle of the night? IF SHE LEAVES examines the repercussions from international brokered marriages in Asia by following one Vietnamese migrant bride and her Taiwanese husband as they struggle to keep their family together.

About the Director(s)

SALLY WU (Producer/Director) was born and raised in Taiwan. She studied media and advertising before transitioning into documentary film editing. She produced & co-directed the Mosuo Sisters, the story of two spirited daughters from China's last matriarchal society, which was funded by ITVS and aired on PBS's Global Voice in 2014. She spent five years collaborating as an editor with David Sutherland on his six hour FRONTLINE series, Country Boys, which aired nationally on PBS in January 2006. She was a co-editor on HBO's Run Granny Run (Audience Award, SXSW 2007) and was also editor on Sutherland's Independent Lens/FRONTLINE series A Kind Hearted Woman, which aired on PBS in 2013.

New England

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