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Just two short weeks ago, I found myself in Park City, UT; an extremely fortunate and grateful fellow attending the Sundance Creative Producing Lab & Summit. Sundance is supporting a film I’m producing called STREET FIGHTING MAN ( and what I’ve found in this experience is that, in their ardent championship of independent film, the Sundance Institute provides an incredible amount of guidance to all the projects they fund.
For several years now, I have sat on a variety of pitch panels. From a privileged seat like this, these are great events where I see new work, hear from smart colleagues, smile at a turn of wit, and wince at the inevitable awkward moments. Like most of my brethren on “that” side of the table, I try to be kind, constructive and fair in my comments to these filmmakers struggling to make their vision come to light. I try to imagine what it must be like to be in their shoes. But what I have learned is that nothing can prepare you for what it must be like to be in those shoes until you are actually IN them. And that, my friends, is what I did in Toronto at the Hot Docs Forum 2013.
The sound stylists at the Boolean Studio house band (aka Twin Goat) tagged yours truly as part of The Next Big Thing. Briefly, TNBT is a way for writers to promote recent projects by answering a set of standardized questions. Twin Goat thought why not musicians? And why not filmmakers too? Below are the questions I’ve been assigned to answer in regards to the film I’m producing, called Street Fighting Man (w.t.), for your edutainment. Enjoy!

I juggle a lot of hats in this inspiring, and often bewildering, game we call documentary. Program Director at the LEF Foundation is one of them. Programmer at The DocYard is another. And a third, of which I am very proud, is Producer of the non-fiction feature film (currently in post-production) Street Fighting Man. It was with this last hat on that I set off to New York for Independent Film Week, last week.

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