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In this time of scarce resources and DIY/DIWO attitudes, it’s rare that a week (or a day) will go by without an alert from a friend about their new Kickstarter campaign raising dollars to start/finish/distribute their film project. But in recent weeks, a new Kickstarter wave has crept into my inbox. Two art house theaters near and dear to my heart are Kickstarting their digital conversions. 

Our 3rd DocYard summer season has wrapped and another collection of amazing films and artists has come and gone. Nearing the end of this summer’s programming, several people approached me asking about how we select the films. I’ve been programming screening and discussion events with filmmakers for my entire professional life, and these inquiries made me realize that what seems so rote to me is actually a total mystery to others. Now that the summer season is closed and we’ve turned our eyes to the next round of films in our scope, I thought it was a good time to share a bit about the process and thinking behind our programming.

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