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It was standing room only at the LEF/DocYard sponsored panel "When Does A Story Become a Film?: From Idea to Documentary" at IFFB on Sunday. Filmmaker Chico Colvard teased stories from his non-fiction colleagues Annie Sundberg, Ian Cheney, Jeanne Jordan and Steve Ascher to hear their many lessons learned in the field.

In an attempt to end my own laments at the long, thoughtful and studied blog entry on women in the documentary field in New England that I lost to the four corners, I instead make this appeal to everyone to step away from the computer and go meet someone in person.

I have to say that when the online fundraising hype-machine first got started, I didn’t buy it.
It's September already. If you haven't had the chance to get to a Docyard screening at the Brattle this past summer, the last film is Lixin Fan's Last Train Home on Monday, 13 September.
If it’s too late for you to start bilingual-immersion kindergarten like the kids in Speaking in Tongues, second-language films are one way to get exposure
Watching Fred Wiseman’s Hospital at the last Docyard screening, as patients at New York’s Metropolitan Hospital bled and vomited their way into our hearts, I kept wondering “How is he filming this?”

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