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Transmedia is the word of the day! A lot of energy has been going to the newest generation of multi-platform, interactive, crowd-sourced nonfiction work.  The brains behind these experiments are most often creative partnerships between producers and technologists, many hatched at the hackathons happening around the globe. Hot Docs just hosted a marvelous sampling of this work at their Hot Hacks event. Thanks to the brilliant leadership of Ingrid Kopp, Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) organized an entire day, open to the public, sampling and discussing this work at TFI Interactive: The Future of Storytelling in the Digital Age. The BAVC Producers Institute for New Media Technologies has been leading in this space since their beginnings in 2007 ( applications for their next institute open up this June). And in our own backyard in Boston, FRONTLINE teamed up with PRX to create a hack day supporting their films.
The past few years have seen new energy and investment in thinking about what’s next for public media. Projects like the Public Radio Talent Quest and MQ2 have inspired an  eruption of creativity and new ideas, many of them germinating from brain trusts right here in our own backyard in Cambridge. Nellie recently wrote about Zeega and the brilliant innovations being cooked up by the likes of Jesse Shapins, Kara Oehler and James Burns. They have a partner in crime nearby in Sue Schardt from AIR (Association of Independents in Radio). In her leadership of the organization, Sue has put AIR at the forefront of innovation in storytelling and their new project Localore is just another example of the kind of vision that AIR is contributing to new experiments in public media.

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