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Jul 14

Written by: clientadmin
7/14/2011 9:04 AM  RssIcon

Mike Stoltz's 2011 Flaherty Seminar highlights:

-Finally getting to see The Florestine Collection, the final film by Helen Hill, finished by her husband Paul Gailiunas.

-Seeing the work of Tan Pin Pin for the first time, particularly Invisible City.

-A Poem Is A Naked Person, Les Blank’s incredible portrait of Leon Russell and various hangers-on. (Unfortunately the film has been kept from the public by Russell)

-Watching Lillian Schwartz’s films in 3-D!

-Frank Scheffer’s Helicopter String Quartet, a dizzying documentation of the ambitious Stockhausen piece utilizing not only violins, viola, and cello, but also 4 military helicopters!

-Caroline Martel’s WAVEMAKERS, a documentary on the forgotten early electronic instrument the ondes Martenot, and the accompanying live performance by Martenot virtuoso Suzanne Binet-Audet.

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